Sunday, October 7, 2012

Galan to the Rescue

As his father and Sir Launcelot engage a troop of King Claudas' horsemen, young Galan sees one of the king ruffians approaching his mother, Queen Aleta, and sisters, Karen and Valeta, hidden in the nearby woods. Prince Valiant hears his wife scream, yet even as he sets spurs to his mount he knows he cannot reach the danger in time. It is Galan who charges to the rescue.

Art: Hal Foster and John Cullen Murphy (from installment #2153, May 15, 1978). At this point in Prince Valiant's run, John Cullen Murphy, who had been quietly assisting Hal Foster since 1970, was well into his first decade of drawing the strip over Foster's writing and roughs.
Source: Prince Valiant (Vol. 48): Return to Camelot, comprising pages, or installments, 2124 (October 23, 1977) through 2167 (August 20, 1978). Fantagraphics Books, 2003.

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