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January 23, 2011 is significant in the history of Prince Valiant as it was on this day that writer Mark Schultz and artist Gary Gianni revealed that Val’s wife, Queen Aleta of the Misty Isles, is a practitioner of “the craft.”

The lead-up to this revelation involves a number of disasterous incidents befalling Val and his family during a stay at Camelot. In time, these calamaties tempt Val to contemplate that a curse is upon them. He shares this with Aleta who responds by hurrying to the market where she “proceeds to judge and purchase a unique array of herbs, roots, oils – and salt. Lots and lots of salt.”

Meanwhile, a new calamity befalls Camelot and Val and his son Arn are blamed.

Writes Schultz: “Val grows despondent, and returns to his chambers, muttering, 'Can my previously charmed life grow any stranger?' He is quick to discover that, yes, it can. Before him kneels Aleta – whom he assumes he knows as well as himself – in the midst of ritual witchcraft!”

Art: Gary Gianni (from page 3899, January 23, 2011).
Text: Mark Schultz.

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