Saturday, November 16, 2013


"Come! I'll race you to the lookout post," cries Lydia to her sweetheart Arn, eldest son of Prince Valiant and Queen Aleta.

"No! No!" yells Arn, "There is ice under the snow!" And even as he speaks, a crevasse opens and begins to widen . . .

Art: Hal Foster and John Cullen Murphy (from page 2179, November 12, 1978). At this point in Prince Valiant's run, John Cullen Murphy, who had been quietly assisting Hal Foster since 1970, was well into his first decade of drawing the strip over Foster's writing and roughs.
Source: Prince Valiant (Vol. 49): Road to Sorrow's End, comprising pages 2168 (August 27, 1978) through 2211 (June 24, 1979). Fantagraphics Books, 2003.

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