Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"Hold! . . . I Know This Man!"

Art: Gary Gianni (from page 3400, November 6, 2011).
Text: Mark Schultz.
Source: Comics Kingdom.


  1. It's making me crazy that no one anywhere is talking about the hints and indications that one of Val's twins, Karen, is dead! Am I nuts? In a few recent strips, rather plain reference has been made to the current bad guy (can't remember his name - something Razor, or the like) prying the "soul of Asia" from Karen's dead fingers. The illustrations have shown a lifeless hand and a sleeve like she was last wearing protruding from the snow. And, oddly, Val seems to think she's dead, though technically he couldn't know that.

    But I've gone back through the previous week's strips, and there's no definitive reference to her dying. The last we saw, she and her companion were surprised in a mountain pass by a sudden snow storm, and were last seen being carried off into the white by Yeti.

    So, I'm left to ask, was that a figurative representation of death? If so, it's quite graceful (akin to the "Snow Walker" that Farley Mowat wrote about). But in a strip that features all forms of mystical and mythical creatures, such a figurative representation would be easily missed.

    The other possibility is that Ashar Raza (or whatever his name is) is just trying to instill fear in Val by making him think his daughter is dead. That's less likely, I'm afraid, but it's my hope.


  2. If you look at the current strip, and by now you have, She is still alive. Look at Sunday Sept. 11th 2016

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  5. Michael, I am just learning how to leave comments here so bear with me if I don't get everything right the first time. What I wanted to add to my first comment is that you can also reach me at my e-mail address directly. I think you have it from when I signed in.