Saturday, November 5, 2011


En route from Camelot to the Misty Isles, Prince Valiant and his family arrive in Constantinople, "womb of cutthroats, tomb of saints, birthplace of emperors." The lovelorn Arn, however, has thoughts only for Maeve.

If you look in the top right-hand corner of this image you'll see part of the sticky tape I used to tape this particular Prince Valiant installment into one of the many scrapbooks that I compiled of the strip when I was a teenager! I still have them all! They're in my parents' keeping in Port Macquarie, Australia.

Art: John Cullen Murphy (from installment #2327, September 13, 1981).
Text: Cullen Murphy.
Source: The Sun Herald (Sydney, Australia); from the collection of Michael J. Bayly (1984).


  1. Wow, you are quite a fan.

  2. "Womb of cutthroats, tomb of saints", this is what you should be looking for in your next house, Michael.

  3. I really like the fact that you are constantly updating this page. It's cool. Any chance you could do a post that highlights Gawain (one of my favorite characters)?