Tuesday, November 22, 2011

“It Is Indeed I”

Adventuring in the Underworld, Prince Valiant and Sir Gawain are rescued from a raging river by a strangely rejuvenated Merlin Ambrosius.

Upon a mysteriously phosphorescent shore, the long-vanished wizard responds to the dumbfounded look on Prince Valiant's face: "Close your mouth, young prince. It is indeed I, although you'll find me advanced to a somewhat ethereal state."

Merlin then explains how he was made immortal by the magicks of the sea spirit Nimue (right). He now roams the Underworld with the daughter that this enchantress bore him. This "more spirit than human" child is also named Nimue.

"Now my young Nimue tells me it is time to go."

Art: Gary Gianni.
Text: Mark Schultz.
Image 1: From installment #3810, February 14, 2010. Source: Sunday Telegraph (Sydney, Australia).
Images 2-3: From installment #3813, March 7, 2010. Source: Pioneer Press (St. Paul, USA).

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  1. I'm pretty sure I would never tell Val to close his mouth ...