Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sweethearts United

Prince Valiant's sons Arn and Galan have journeyed from Camelot to Vikingsholm with Boltar and his wife Tillicum. Soon Arn is reunited not only with his childhood friend Hatha, son of Boltar and Tillicum, but also with the sweetheart of his youth, Lydia, daughter of the warrior-king Haakon.

Art: Hal Foster and John Cullen Murphy (from installment #2173, October 1, 1978). At this point in Prince Valiant's run, John Cullen Murphy, who had been quietly assisting Hal Foster since 1970, was well into his first decade of drawing the strip over Foster's writing and roughs.
Source: Prince Valiant (Vol. 49): Road to Sorrow's End, comprising pages, or installments, 2168 (August 27, 1978) through 2211 (June 24, 1979). Fantagraphics Books, 2003.

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