Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Return of Mordred

Exiled from Camelot for his treachery, King Arthur's half-brother Mordred has been far from idle. He has raised an army, usurped the throne of Prince Valiant's father, Aguar of Thule, and launched a swift conquest of Britain's major towns. Soon Camelot itself will be within his grasp.

While Prince Valiant buys Arthur time (above), Aleta lends a helping hand in the refugee camps around Camelot (below).

Art: John Cullen Murphy (from page 2319, July 19, 1981).
Text: Cullen Murphy.
Source: The Sun Herald (Sydney, Australia); from the collection of Michael J. Bayly (September 4, 1983).

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  1. Thanks for posting these; those were from the first strip of "Prince Valiant" that I began reading regularly in 1981 (though I saw some of the strips in the mid-70's).