Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An "Unpleasant Duel," A Memorable Scene

Prince Valiant's "unpleasant duel" by firelight with a mysterious and ferocious "lady bandit" is an impressive display of artist Thomas Yeates' ability to render light and shadow, and thus create a truly memorable scene.

Art: Thomas Yeates (from installment #3941, August 19, 2012).
Text: Mark Schultz.


  1. I can't express enough how pleased I am with Tom Yeates' work on the strip so far. The art stays within the realm of his predecessors' fantastic work, and yet there's definitely a vibrant quality of his own that he's bringing. The use of deep shadow/light-source interplay, as you mentioned, is so nice that it makes you stop and simply look at the picture for its own merits. And the angle of this panel in particular shows (I think) a much more dynamically cinematic influence than we've ever seen before. ('Course, I'm a johnny-come-lately to the Prince's exploits, so I don't have a depth of knowledge to really draw from. . . )

    I hadn't stopped enjoying the strip at all, and yet there does seem to be unexpected new life being breathed into it. Who knew?


  2. I'm looking forward to what Yeates does with the strip. So much pressure!