Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Jains

Prince Valiant's son Galan has journeyed to India with the Chinese scholar Yuan Chen.

Above is a detail of the opening panel of installment #2372 (July 25, 1982). The text that accompanies this panel reads:

Galan and Yuan Chen cross the Indus River into India. India! Not since Rome has there been an empire so vast, so rich, so civilized, so busy. The university at Benares is among the greatest in the world. Yuan Chen spies a sect of Jains.

"I have heard of these men," he says delightedly, scribbling in his book. "They live a frugal and holy life. We shall pass the night with them."

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Art: John Cullen Murphy (from installment #2372, July 25, 1982).
Text: Cullen Murphy.
Source: Prince Valiant, Book Two (Kings Features Syndicate, 1986).

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