Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thomas Yeates: The New Illustrator of Prince Valiant


Thomas Yeates (right) makes his debut today as illustrator of Prince Valiant.

In assuming this task Yeates becomes the fourth full-time artist to draw the revered 75-year-old adventure strip, first created in 1937 by Hal Foster. He follows in the illustrious footsteps of Foster, John Cullen Murphy and Gary Gianni.

A statement on Yeates' website says:

Gary Gianni and Mark Schultz have been doing fantastic work on the strip, and Yeates hopes to maintain that high quality in the tradition of Hal Foster. Mark Schultz will stay on as writer.

. . . while Wikipedia notes the following about the new illustrator of Prince Valiant:

Thomas Yeates (born January 19, 1955) is an American comic book and comic strip artist known for his work on characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and on other properties such as Conan and the Zorro comic strip. In 1982, Yeates and writer Martin Pasko revived Swamp Thing, in a new series titled Saga of the Swamp Thing.

Above: Installment #3921 of Prince Valiant (April 1, 2012).
Art: Thomas Yeates. Text: Mark Schultz.
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  1. Not bad,but too far from Foster.

  2. Yeates follows very nicely in Gianni's footsteps. No, not Foster, but good in its own way.

    BTW, I have not seen any mention here regarding Flash Gordon's recent cameo appearance in PV. Surely that's worth a blog post of its own?

  3. That was Flash Gordon? Holy crap that never even dawned on me! I was wondering when we were going to find out exactly who that was... So awesome. It reminds me of the old episode of Defenders of the Earth when Flash, Phantom, Mandrake and the others were aided by Prince Valiant and the young Arn in a time traveling episode.

  4. Yes, it was Flash Gordon. Note the Mongo sun symbol on his red tunic. Also as he was about say his true name he disappeared in a "flash" of lightning (note caption- #3919 3-18-12). Other clues were that he was much like Prince Valiant in personality and he was able to stand against Val in a sword fight. Also his was a polo player (PV #3904) as was the original Flash Gordon back in 1934.

  5. Uh-huh, that "flash" of lightning line at such a conspicuous moment was the clincher. Although an image search for Flash Gordon shows a number of distinctive outfits/uniforms, the red tunic w/ the sunball shows up just enough to pretty much make the case. "St. George", though? I'm not savvy enough to catch that reference. Was that Flash's true given name?


  6. Friends,

    Click here for A Prince Named Valiant's special post about Flash Gordon's recent appearance.