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Journeying from Camelot to the Misty Isles, Prince Valiant and his family are shipwrecked on an island in the Mediterranean Sea – the "sea of myths." It's an apt description, as this particular island seems to be inhabited by the sirens of Greek myth.

After a miraculous grounding, Prince Valiant finds himself drawn to abandon his family and follow the lure of the sirens' song.

This "female spirit," however, is not what it seems. And when at last the unearthly sirens appear, they are wielding very earthly weapons that are about to end Val's life. It is then that one of the sirens who seems to be in command suddenly gasps and cries, "Hold, my sisters. It is he! He who is chosen to be mine."

Despite Val's protestations, the commanding siren is adamant that . . .

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Art: Thomas Yeates (from pages 4014 and 4017, 1/12/14 and 2/2/14 respectively.)
Text: Mark Schultz.
Source: Comics Kingdom.

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Until the End of Time

Art and text: Hal Foster (from page 451, September 30, 1945).
Source: The Prince Valiant Scrapbook (King Features Syndicate, published by Bill Crouch, Jr., 1981).