Friday, February 28, 2020

Like Locusts

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Art: Gary Gianni (from page 3683, September 9, 2007).
Text: Mark Schultz.
Source: Prince Valiant: Far from Camelot – Gary Gianni and Mark Schultz (Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2008).

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Celebrating 83 Years of Prince Valiant

Valiant, Prince of Thule, as drawn by Thomas Yeates (2016),
the fourth and current illustrator of the Prince Valiant adventure strip.

Friends, today marks the 83rd anniversary of Prince Valiant, cited as "one of the finest works ever to be produced in the comic art medium." Created in 1937 by Harold R. Foster (1892-1982), Prince Valiant can rightly be considered a massive illustrated novel presented in a comic art-like style.

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Right: Current Prince Valiant illustrator Thomas Yeates at Comic-Con 2015 . . . with none other than the Prince of Thule himself!

Yeates took over from Gary Gianni, the third illustrator of Prince Valiant, in April 2012.

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Above: Prince Valiant, as drawn by Hal Foster (1943).

Above: Prince Valiant, as drawn by John Cullen Murphy (1984). Murphy's son, Cullen, wrote Prince Valiant during his father's tenue.

Above: Prince Valiant and his wife, Queen Aleta of the Misty Isle,
as drawn by Gary Gianni (2004).

Above: An action sequence from page 4309 (September 8, 2019) of Prince Valiant, with art by Thomas Yeates and text by Mark Schultz.

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